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CHINA: “Employee Sharing”- is it a new solution for retailers impacted by COVID-19?
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus took place in China in January 2020. The most badly hit should be the traditional brick-and-mortar stores (the “Traditional Retailers”) and catering providers which are struggling to earn any income but having to bear human cost during the epidemic period. On the contrary, while most people in China are still unwilling to leave their homes, the outbreak caused a surge of business for retailers that combine online shopping with offline real-time delivery (the “New Retailers”). The New Retailers have been experiencing substantial manpower shortage due to the booming demands.

The Employee Sharing Mode involves three parties... » Read more

FRANCE: COVID-19 | The health and political situation in France: Practical Legal Questions
The Coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have important legal implications for employers and their workers. The health and political situation in France is quickly evolving, on a daily basis. On March 14, the government ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses that are open to the public. This concerns the vast majority of retail stores. All schools are closed for at least two weeks starting on March 16, 2020. Consequently, many employees will have to stay home to take care of their young children.

The Ministry of Labour has published the following instructions... » Read more

POLAND: Coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2): What Kind of Data can be collected from the Employees in the face of an Epidemic?
While coronavirus is gaining more and more ground, employers in Poland try to figure out what means should be undertaken so their employees stay safe and their companies work as regular. It’s especially important for the employers in retail as their employees usually have direct contact with hundreds of customers. The employers have become particularly interested in questioning the employees about certain aspects of their lives, that could help them prevent virus spread within their work establishments. The employers prepare questionnaires, where they ask whether the employees have stayed in the areas infected by the virus or have experienced any of the alarming symptoms such as high fever or cough.

Is the collection of such data allowed? » Read more

SPAIN: Employment Guidelines to React to Coronavirus Effects in the Workplace

The Covid-19 has already affected Europe and is creating challenging situations when managing work activities. Companies must be extremely mindful when fulfilling their health and safety prevention obligations and watch out for possible economic impacts this may have on productivity and/or the organization of the Company.

Business Travels? Preventing Measures? Economic Impact? » Read more

USA: Six Steps for Retailers to Take Now and Important Guidance to Review
In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) has confirmed 36 travel-related cases of COVID-19, and 18 person-to-person spread cases. The CDC also reports 110 cases currently under investigation. Many details about the virus are unknown, including its severity and how it spreads, leaving the public with many questions about how to appropriately respond. In many public health emergency and outbreak situations, healthcare workers are often the most dramatically impacted by outbreaks.

The CDC provides detailed steps to take now... » Read more

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