Interactive Microsite: Employees vs Independent Contractors


understanding the distinction between contractors and employees and the re-characterisation of a contractor into an employee

L&E Global’s series of global handbooks provide practical advice and guidance to clients on a host of complex issues impacting a multitude of industries, offering labour and employment law insights from all over the world. These comprehensive international publications have become a valuable resource for HR professionals, employment and corporate attorneys, academics and jurists, worldwide.

For employers with operations in multiple jurisdictions, successfully entering into a working relationship, whether with an employee or an independent contractor, is a very real challenge and one that impacts every sector of industry, in every region of the world. The latest edition in our anthology of global handbooks, Employees vs. Independent Contractors, features analyses from 32 key jurisdictions across 6 continents explaining the distinction between contractors and employees, as well as the consequences of the re-characterisation of a contractor into an employee. It also offer tips to employers on best practices to minimise such risks and effectively establish an independent contractor relationship… » Read More