Working Conditions in Turkey

1. Minimum Working Conditions

The minimum working conditions are prescribed in TLC and TCO and its implementation by the employer is inspected, supervised and followed up by the government.

2. Salary

The parties are free to determine the date of the salary payment and the intervals of the salary, providing that it is paid on a weekly basis at the earliest and on a monthly basis at the latest.

As a rule, the salary must be paid in Turkish Liras unless it has been decided in terms of a foreign currency.

3. Maximum Working Time

In general terms, weekly working time is 45 hours at maximum in Turkey. This period is distributed equally among the weekdays unless parties agree otherwise. Employees cannot work more than eleven hours daily. Works being performed at night are likewise limited to seven and half hours daily at maximum.

4. Overtime

Employer may request its employees to perform overtime work. However it is subject to the employee’s yearly written consent for overtime work. Total overtime work that can be performed by an employee within a year shall not be more than 270 hours.

5. Holidays

Employees, who have completed a minimum of one year of service in the employer’s establishment since their recruitment, shall be allowed to take annual leave with pay. The minimum statutory annual leave days are determined pursuant to the employee’s seniority in the employer’s workplace.

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