Working Conditions in Spain

1. Minimum Working Conditions

Employers and employees are free to negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment relationship. However, employees have various minimum rights under the law. These minimum working conditions are set forth in the Workers Statute and the applicable Collective Agreement, among others.

2. Salary

An employee’s salary includes all amounts received by an employee in compensation for services rendered. Salary can be monetary or in kind, but the latter cannot be higher than 30% of the total amount received by the employee.

3. Maximum Working Week

The maximum working week is forty (40) hours calculated as an average over a yearly period.

By collective agreement, or failing that by agreement between the employer and employee representatives, may establish the irregular distribution of working time throughout the year. In the absence of agreement, the company may distribute unevenly throughout the year, 10 percent of the workday. This distribution shall always respect the minimum daily and weekly rest periods.

4. Overtime

Overtime cannot exceed eighty (80) hours per year.

5. Holidays

Employees are entitled to a minimum of thirty (30) days of paid vacation per year. This can be improved by contract or collective agreement. In addition, there are fourteen (14) public nonworking days per year, which may differ slightly by region.

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