Working Conditions in Romania

1. Minimum working conditions

Employers and employees are free to negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment relationship. However, employees have certain minimum rights granted by the law and the parties negotiation cannot stipulate conditions or rights below the legal minimum provisions. The minimum working conditions and rights are set forth in the Romanian Labor Code and the applicable Collective Agreements, if applicable.

2. Salary

As of January 1st, 2015, the minimum gross monthly wage is LEI 975.00 (about EUR 215.00 and US $250.00) for a 168 hour work month. In July 2015 the minimum gross monthly wage should increase to LEI 1050.00 (about an 8% increase in the value). All employees who are employed under an ordinary employment contract are entitled to minimum wage.

3. Maximum Working Week and Overtime

The maximum average working time is established by the Labor Code and consists of 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day. Maximum legal working time is 48 hours per week, including overtime hours. By exception, the maximum working legal time, including overtime may be extended over 48 hours per week.

4. Overtime

Overtime work is permitted only upon the employer’s special demand and the employee’s agreement, except for cases of acts of God or other urgent works intended to prevent or to eliminate the consequences of an accident. Employees who are not 18 years old are prohibited from overtime work.

5. Holidays

The Romanian law establishes a minimum duration of 20 working days of annual paid leave. The social partners may negotiate a collective Labor agreement and provide more favorable conditions for the employees.

There are approximately 13 public holidays in Romania and the workers are entitled to remuneration for 13 official public holidays, granted by the employer.

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