Working Conditions in Portugal

1. Minimum Working Conditions

Minimum working conditions are specifically set out in the law in a wide range of aspects, from health and safety to minimum wage, maximum working hours, etc. In a nutshell, employers have to ensure that all employees are entitled to safe and proper working conditions for the full performance of their jobs within the limits provided by the law.

2. Salary

All employees are guaranteed a minimum monthly remuneration (minimum wage), which is set annually by the Government and is currently (2015) at EUR 505,00. In terms of periodicity, monthly wages are the most common system of payment.

3. Maximum Working Time

The normal working hours may not exceed 8 per day or 40 per week. However, by means of a collective bargaining agreement the normal working hours may be increased by up to 4 hours per day, provided the work week does not exceed 60 hours. Employees are generally guaranteed a minimum of 11 continuous hours of rest between two consecutive working days.

4. Overtime

All work requested by the employer and rendered by the employee outside normal working hours is considered overtime. Safe from some particular cases, employees are to provide overtime when so requested by the employer.

Overtime worked on a normal working day entitles employees to increases in pay which will be differents depending on various causes.

5. Holidays

The annual holiday entitlement is 22 working days. This can be subject to specific regulation in Collective Bargaining Agreements setting out longer holiday periods.

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