Working Conditions in Hungary

1. Minimum Working Conditions

The employer is obliged to provide the conditions necessary for the fulfilment of the working obligations, except if they agree otherwise.

The duration of the work, from its start to end, and any related preliminary or concluding activity (e.g. opening or closing of a store) all qualify as ‘working hours’. However, the duration of break-time, as well as the time spent commuting, are, typically, not inclusive. In general, full-time daily working hours total 8 hours per day.

The employee and the employer are allowed to agree on part-time employment in the employment contract, setting shorter daily working hours than usually applicable to the given position in full-time work. Remuneration for part-time work is pro-rated.

2. Salary

All employees shall be treated equally when it comes to any sort of remuneration for work.

Currently in Hungary, the minimum base salary is HUF 111,000 per month in case of full-time work. If a minimum secondary education requirement is set as a prerequisite to being employed in a certain position, the minimum base salary is raised to HUF 129,000 monthly.

Certain wage supplements elaborated above (e.g. night/shift/Sunday allowance, etc.) are payable to employees beyond their base salary due for their normal work hours. The calculation base of any wage supplement is subject to the parties’ agreement.

3. Maximum Working Week

Employees shall be entitled to two rest days in a given week. In case of irregular work schedule the weekly rest days may be scheduled irregularly as well.

4. Overtime

In case of full time employment, two hundred and fifty hours of overtime work can be ordered in a calendar year. Working overtime shall be in writing, if requested by the employee.

5. Holidays

Vacation time in Hungary is divided into basic and extra vacation time, due in each calendar year and subject to the time spent in work by the employee in the given year. The basic vacation time is currently 20 working days in Hungary. Eligibility for extra vacation is subject to the employee’s age and the number of his/her children under 16 years of age.

6. Employer’s Obligation to Provide a Healthy and Safe Workplace

The responsibility for the implementation of occupational safety and occupational health requirements lies with the employer. The employee’s fitness for the job for which he / she is being considered shall be examined free of charge before taking up work and on a regular basis during the employment relationship.

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