Working Conditions in Denmark

1. Minimum Working Conditions

The terms and conditions for employment are regulated in the individual employment agreement and/or in the collective bargaining agreement (if applicable). Mandatory rules regarding, inter alia, working hours, working environment, equality and non-discrimination, must also be observed.

2. Salary

There are no provisions regarding minimum salary stipulated in law. Thus, the employer and the employee are free to agree on any salary level. However, collective bargaining agreements will as a general rule contain provisions regarding a minimum salary level as well as a minimum annual salary rise.

3. Maximum Working Week

The Danish Act on Working Hours provides that the average working hours in a period of seven days, as calculated over a period of four months, cannot exceed 48 hours including overtime.

4. Overtime

There are no statutory rules regarding the extent of overtime, that can lawfully be worked, nor the payment for overtime work. However, the Act on Working Hours must be observed. In the absence of a collective agreement, it is presumed that the employee has an implied duty to undertake overtime work to a reasonable extent.

5. Holidays

The Danish Holiday Act provides that employees are entitled to five weeks holiday per year corresponding to 25 working days, irrespective of whether the employee has earned the right to paid holiday. The employee earns the right to 2.08 days of paid holiday for each month of employment in a calendar year (qualifying year). Holidays must be taken during the holiday year from 1 May to 30 April following the qualifying year.

6. Employer’s Obligation to Provide a Healthy and Safe Workplace

The Danish Act on Working Environment includes requirements and provisions to ensure that Danish working environments are fully sound in terms of occupational safety and health. In Denmark, there is a strong tradition of employer’s and employee’s cooperation in ensuring a good working environment.

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