Termination of Employment Contracts in Qatar

1. Gross misconduct and summary dismissal

The Labour Law (Art 61) sets out a list of circumstances under which the employer can terminate the worker’s employment without notice or the payment of EOSB (as defined below) due to the actions of the worker. The Labour Law also provides (Art 51) for a similar action under which workers can terminate without notice but still receive EOSB if applicable.

2. Severance Payment – End of Service Benefits (EOSB)

The Labour Law (Art 54) provides, in addition to the other monies payable to workers when their employment terminates, that workers must be paid EOSB. As a minimum, EOSB must equal three weeks’ basic salary for each full year the worker has worked; part years are calculated pro rata and ESOB is only payable once the worker has completed his or her first full year of employment. EOSB cannot be contracted out of per se; please see 9.5 below.

3. Exit Permits

Workers require an exit permit to leave Qatar. Exit permits can be issued for a single exit; the holders of residence permits may be issued with multi-exit visas at the sponsor’s discretion. If a worker wishes to leave Qatar while still holding a work permit, ie. before a residence permit is issued, they must obtain a re-entry or return visa before leaving to avoid automatic cancellation of their work permit. Currently there are tight restrictions on such visas being issued.

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