Social Security in Turkey

1. Legal Framework

The social security system in Turkey went through a major change in 2007 with the acceptance of Social Insurances and General Health Insurance Code numbered 5510 (“SIGHIC”), resulting in a more efficient and fast functioning system.

2. Contributions

Presently, employers are to pay at minimum 21.5% and at maximum 27% of the monthly gross wage as monthly premium to the SSI. There is also a minimum and maximum ceiling taken as basis for the calculation of monthly social security premiums.

3. Insurances

Employers are to pay four different kinds of social insurance contributions to the SSI on behalf of the employee. These are short term insurance, long term insurance, unemployment insurance and general health insurance.

4. Maternity Leave

In principle female employees must not be engaged in work for a total period of sixteen weeks, eight weeks before delivery and eight weeks after delivery. The time periods mentioned above may be increased before and after delivery if deemed necessary.

5. Pension

Because of several changes made within the past years in social security laws, Employees’ retirement age in Turkey varies depending on the first date the employee started to work as an insured employee.

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