Social Security in Spain

1. Legal Framework

The legal framework for social security is derived primarily from the Social Security Act 1/1994.

2. Contributions

In Spain, the Social Security’s national insurance contributions cover:

  • Common contingencies;
  • Professional contingencies;
  • Overtime; and
  • Other concepts such as unemployment, training or the Wage Guarantee Fund.

3. Insurances

The Social Security offers public medical care to all affiliated workers.

4. Maternity Leave

Maternity leave lasts sixteen (16) uninterrupted weeks. The mother must take six (6) of these full-time weeks right after birth. The remaining ten (10) can be exchanged for twenty (20) weeks of part time work if the employee reaches an agreement with the employer.

5. Pension

Retirement pensions are included in all Social Security regimes and are for life. The conditions to obtain a pension are:

  • Having turned sixty-five (65) years of age (there are exceptions – it could gradually change to 65 until 67 years old if it attests 38,5 of contribution).
  • Having paid national insurance contributions for a minimum or fifteen (15) years. At least two years of contributions must have taken place within the fifteen (15) years prior to retirement.
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