Social Security in Qatar

There is currently no public social security scheme or retirement pensions applicable to non-Qatari workers.

1. Contributions

A new health insurance scheme was enacted through issuance of Law No (7) of 2013 under the terms of which sponsors will be responsible to contribute to their employee’s health care. The regulations associated with this law have recently been issued, but details concerning premiums etc. are still being settled. Qatari and non-Qatari nationals will be the subject of this new scheme.

2. Insurances

There are no obligatory insurances other than the new health insurance referred to above. However, some employers may contractually offer workers benefits such as life assurance, permanent health insurance, private medical insurance and company cars.

3. Maternity Leave and other Family Leave

Female workers are entitled to fifty days’ paid maternity leave (of which at least thirty-five days must fall after the baby is delivered) if they have been in continuous employment for a year or more when they give birth. There is no other provision for family leave.

4. Pensions

There are obligations for employers to contribute to a pension fund in respect of Qatar national workers in accordance with the provisions of Law No (24) of 2002. In addition, the Labour Law states that where an employer maintains a pension scheme and makes contributions for a worker which secure the worker greater benefits than EOSB, the employer will not be obliged to pay the worker EOSB, subject to the worker’s agreement.

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