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L&E Global’s 2016 Global Handbook | Employment Litigation

For employers with operations in multiple jurisdictions, litigation over disputes related to employment matters is a very real and increasingly significant concern, which applies to every sector of industry, in every region of the world. This comprehensive publication includes contributions from 28 key jurisdictions across 5 continents and will be a valuable resource for all […]

Global Employment Law Highlights Spring 2014

L&E Global’s Global Employment Law Highlights Spring 2014 report covers the latest trends in employment law throughout the world. L&E Global remains committed to offering our clients, HR professionals and academics the most comprehensive legal insight from around the world, now and in the future.

Hiring and Firing in Key EU Jurisdictions and the USA

A Practical Guide to Workplace HR Strategies on how to get the best out of your workforce and at the same time protect the company’s business. Topics covered Subordinate employee versus Independent contractor Flexibility of the employment relationship Individual Dismissal Is poor performance a common ground for dismissal and how is it handled in your […]

Report on International Restructurings

L&E Global’s Special Report on International Restructurings covers the types of restructuring methods available to employers, provides statistical analysis on restructuring activities throughout Europe, North America, and the South Pacific, details efforts to improve or minimize restructuring and highlights restructuring trends in the L&E Global member countries. This report is an example of L&E Global’s […]