Portugal: Sports contracts – new legal framework

We highlight the following changes regarding sports contracts:

  • Sports practitioners’ employment contract

Maximum duration: 5 seasons (general rule) or 3 seasons (for under aged), instead of 8;

Trial period: 15 days (instead of 30) in agreements entered into for 2 seasons or less and, in any case, subject to explicit agreement by the parties;

Remuneration: may be paid in 10 or more instalments of equal amount, instead of being paid on a monthly basis plus Christmas and vacation allowances (14 months);

Disciplinary proceedings: statute of limitation set to180 days, instead of 1 year;

Unlawful dismissal: the sports practitioner’s reinstatement is no longer possible;

Unilateral termination without cause by the sports practitioner’s: as a general rule, the new employer is jointly and severally liable for the payment of any compensation due for the termination of the previous contract.

  • Sports practitioners’ training agreements

Maximum duration: 3 seasons, instead of 4; however, the agreement may be extended until the end of the season in which the trainee turns 19 years old.

  • New regulation of the sports agents’ activity

Under Aged: sports agents are prevented from representing sports practitioners who are under age;

Maximum duration: 2 years, being the parties prevented from including automatic renewal clauses;

Remuneration: cannot exceed 10% of the net amount of the sports practitioner´s remuneration.

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