Hiring Practices in Sweden

Employers have limited possibilities of obtaining information from registers containing information regarding applicants, such as medical information and criminal records. An applicant can, on the other hand, voluntarily present information about himself or herself, if the employer should request it. There is no obligation for the applicant to comply with such a request, but the non-compliance may result in the applicant not being offered the position. Applicants to positions such as teachers and day-care teachers, however, may be obliged to provide an extract from their criminal records before an employment agreement is entered into.

Apart from the prohibition of discrimination and that an applicant may never be required to take a genetic test as a condition of employment, there are no other legal limitations to requiring an applicant to undergo a medical examination.

There are no legal limitations requiring an applicant to undergo a drug or alcohol test, and an employer can refuse to hire an applicant who does not submit to such a test. An employer must, however, act in accordance with good labour market practice.

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