Employment Law Observations in Russia

The Results Of Press-Conference With The Head Of The Federal Agency Of Labor And Employment: As a result of a press-conference with the Head of the Federal Agency of Labor and Employment (Rostrud) on the 9th of February, 2017 it was concluded: 1) the Government sets a task to introduce modern methods for organizing labor control and supervision, 2) Russia should develop the quality of checks of labor inspectors. These changes may be due to the introduction of checklists: it is planned to have a fixed number of requirements and questions that will be checked by labor inspectors during examination of companies.

Matters Of The Session “Labor Relations In The Digital Economy” In The Russian Investment Forum “Sochi-2017”: On February 27, within the Russian Investment Forum, representatives of a number of ministries and departments, trade unions, educational institutions and businesses discussed how to find a compromise between the protection of workers’ rights and the development of the economy in the digital era. The Head of the Federal Agency of Labor and Employment noted that if there was a register of contracts, the documentary verification would be possible without participation of officials. Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund Andrei Kigim said that he supports the ideology of synchronous payment: the process of payment to social security funds and payment of wages, so that banks do not miss one payment without another. In turn, the Director of the Department of the Ministry of Economic Maxim Parshin suggested that the electronic form of the employment contract can be done in a unified environment on the website “Work in Russia”.

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