Employment Contracts in Turkey

1. Minimum Requirements

As a general rule, employment contracts are not subject to any special form. TLC does not require the employer to conclude written employment contracts with employee. Employer is only obliged to conclude written employment contracts in cases where employee is working under a fixed term employment contract of one year or more.

2. Fixed/Unlimited Time Contracts

A fixed term employment contract has a specified term or which is based on the emergence of objective conditions like the completion of a certain work or the realization of a certain event. In the absence of the said objective conditions, the contract is deemed to have been made for an indefinite period from the beginning. Fixed term employment contracts must not be concluded more than once, except when there is essential reasons.

3. Trial Period

In general, employee and the employer may agree on a trial period of two months in the employment contract. There is not notice period during trial period.

4.Notice Period

Both employer and employee, who intend to terminate an employment contract with indefinite period, in the absence of valid reasons for immediate termination, should respect statutory notice periods stipulated under the TLC in line with the term of the employment.

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