Employment Contracts in Serbia

1. Minimum Requirements

In order to conclude an employment agreement, an employee must be 15 years old. Special requirements may be determined at the discretion of the employer, depending on the type of job. An employment agreement is to be concluded before the employee’s commencement of work, in written form. The labour act provides the obligatory provisions of each employment agreement.

2. Fixed/Unlimited Time Contracts

An employment agreement may be concluded for an indefinite or definite period of time. If no time is specified in the employment agreement, it is considered to be an indefinite-term employment agreement. A definite term employment agreement can be entered only in a limited number of cases. The maximum duration of a definite-term employment is 24 months and only in specific cases they can last longer. If a definite term employment agreement is concludes contrary to the provisions of the labour act, or if the employee continues to work for the employer for at least five business days after the expiry of the time period for which the agreement was concluded, it will be deemed that an indefinite-term employment relationship has been established.

3. Trial Period

A trial period may last up to six months from the date of the commencement of employment. Prior to the expiry of the agreed trial period, both the employee and the employer can terminate the employment agreement, subject to a notice period of five working days.

4. Notice Period

The minimum notice period in case of termination of employment by an employee is 15 days. Longer notice periods may be determined by the employer’s general enactment or by the employment agreement, but it may not exceed 30 days.
In case of termination by an employer, the labour act stipulates a mandatory notice period only in the event of dismissal due to a lack of knowledge and skills necessary for performing a certain function, or failure to achieve the expected work results. The duration of the notice period may not be less than 8 or longer than 30 days.

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