Employment Contracts in Romania

1. Minimum Requirements

As a rule the individual employment contract is an unlimited term contract. Also, the individual employment contract may be fixed term and part time. According to the Romanian Labor Code, any kind of individual employment contract must be concluded in writing, in the Romanian language and on the basis of both parties’ consent.

Before the beginning of the employment relationships, the employer has the obligation to conclude the individual employment contract and to register it with its employees’ electronic program.

2. Fixed/Unlimited Time Contracts

The fixed term contracts may be concluded only for the limited cases provided by the Labor Code and must contain the general imperative information plus the duration of the contract.

3. Trial Period

In order to verify the skills of the employee, the parties may agree upon a probationary period, mentioned within the individual employment contract, of a maximum 90 calendar days for the execution positions and a maximum 120 calendar days for the management positions.

4. Notice Period

The individual employment contract may be terminated by the employer or by the employee. Generally, in case the contract terminates due to the employer’s decision, the employee is entitled to a notice period of no less than 20 working days.

In case the contract terminates due to the employee’s decision, he has the obligation to respect a notice period, which must be between 20 and 45 working days, depending of the type of the employment contract.

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