Employment Contracts in Qatar

1. Minimum Requirements

The Qatar Labour Law sets out the current minimum requirements for employment in Qatar, many of which are discussed in this guide, eg. notice periods, leave, salary, working hours, end of service gratuity, etc. Two additional requirement of interest are set out below:
Duration: Employment terms may be for a definite/fixed or an indefinite/unlimited duration. A fixed term is generally understood to be a term during which employment can only be terminated by the agreement of both parties, ie. notice cannot be given. An indefinite term is one in which notice can be given by either party in accordance with the Labour Law and employment contract and subject to the successful completion of probation.
Probation: The Labour Law provides for a single period of probation of up to six months’ duration during which the employer may provide the worker with three days’ written notice to terminate employment if the worker is not able to undertake the work for which they have has been employed.

2 Notice Periods

Under the Labour Law if the service contract is of an indefinite duration either the employer or the worker may terminate it without giving any reasons; notification periods will be dependent on the length of service and the terms of the contract. The employer should pay the worker all his or her dues for the notice period if the worker continues to work normally during this period. If the contract is terminated without observing notice periods, the party (usually the employer) terminating the contract may be obliged to pay compensation.

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