Employers Associations and Trade Unions in Romania

In Romania, employees and employers organizations are structured as private associations governed by the Law no. 62/2011 regarding the social dialogue.

1. Brief Description of Employers Organizations

Every employee has the right granted by the Constitution and by the Romanian Labour Code, to constitute or to become a member of a trade union. In order to set up a trade union there must be at least 15 employees within the same company.

2. Rights and Importance of Trade Unions

The representative trade union is entitled to receive from employers any necessary information for the negotiation of the collective Labor agreements and other agreements related to the employment relations. The trade unions play a key role in collective bargaining, but they also have significant consultation and information rights.

However, if there are no trade unions and there are more than 20 employees within one company, the employees are entitled to elect representatives at a general meeting. The employees’ representatives will participate in the drafting of the internal regulations and to negotiate the collective Labour agreement.

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