Employers Associations and Trade Unions in Qatar

Where the number of Qatari workers working in an establishment is more than 100, a Workers’ Committee may be formed and registered in compliance with the Labour Law. Only one such committee may be formed and registered. Membership is limited to only Qatari workers and the Minister of Labour shall specify the rules governing the establishment and operation of the same. Workers’ Committees should represent their members in relation to employment rights. The following is prohibited (and where any prohibited matters are actioned the Minister may dissolve the Workers’ Committee):

  1. exercise of political or religious activities;
  2. preparation, printing or distributing of any materials insulting the Government or status quo;
  3. financial speculation;
  4. accepting gifts or endowments except with the Minister’s approval; and/or
  5. striking is permitted subject to amicable settlement becoming impossible subject to various conditions having been satisfied.

Various Workers’ Committees engaged in one trade or industry can form a General Committee for the workers of Qatar.

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