Authorizations for Foreign Employees in Sweden

Generally, citizens of countries outside the EU must have a work permit to work in Sweden. In order for a person to get such a permit the employer must have prepared an offer of employment and advertised the job in Sweden and the EU for 10 days (this applies to new recruitments). It is also required that the terms of employment are equal to or better than those provided under a Swedish collective bargaining agreement or customary for the occupation or sector.

EU and EEA citizens do not need a visa and they have the right to work in Sweden without work and residence permits. However, if EU or EEA citizens want to stay longer than three months they have to register with the Swedish Migration Board. For registration, the EU or EEA citizen needs evidence of employment from a company. People who have a residence permit in an EU country, but are not EU citizens, can apply to obtain the status of long-term resident in that country. They thereby enjoy certain rights that are similar to those of EU citizens.

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