Authorizations for Foreign Employees in Poland

1. Required Permits

The current regulations on employing foreigners in Poland differentiate between the legal situation of citizens of EU member states and the legal situation of citizens of the remaining countries. There are also differences in the scope of the kind of work performed by a foreigner. In the case of some professions, the law does not require a permit, whereas as other ones require a permit issuance procedure.

Foreigners from the EU member states and from a state within the European Economic Area as well as their family members have unlimited access to employment in Poland. Foreigners from other countries must obtain a work permit and in some cases – an entry visa if they want to take a job in Poland.

2. Obtaining Permits

A work permit is issued exclusively upon a written application of an entity, which commissions a foreigner to perform work. Such a permit is issued to a specific foreigner. Furthermore, it defines the entity which commissions a foreigner to perform the work and the position the foreigner is to hold or the kind of work he/she is to perform. The work permit is issued for a specific term, however not longer than three years, and can be extended. Besides the work permit, the entitlement of a foreigner to work in Poland also requires obtaining an appropriate visa unless the foreigner is staying in Poland legally by other means. In some cases, the immigration provisions waive the obligation of a work permit.

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