Authorizations for Foreign Employees in The Netherlands

1. Employment Permit

If an employer wants to hire a foreign employee in a legal manner, several requirements have to be met. First of all, the foreign employee has to be in the possession of a residence permit. Secondly, the employer is obliged to obtain an employment permit. Employees with Dutch nationality and employees from one of the countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland are exempt from these rules.

2. The Employment Relationship

When an employee works in the Netherlands, Dutch law does not necessarily govern the employment relationship. A foreign employee could remain in the employment of his foreign employer on the basis of his foreign employment contract with a choice of law in favor of the laws of the foreign country and then (for example) be seconded to the Netherlands. In other words, the employer is not obliged to offer employees from another country a Dutch employment contract when they are transferred to the Netherlands. Employees can continue to work on the basis of their current (foreign) employment contract.

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