Authorizations for Foreign Employees in France

The employer must ensure that the employee to be hired is authorized to work in France:

  • Where the employee is already in France, the employer will have to check that the employee has a valid residence permit allowing him to work in France, and keep a copy thereof;
  • Where the employee is not yet established in France, the employer should undergo a three-step process “of introducing a foreign worker in France”:
    • Obtain from the French unemployment agency (“a document certifying that there are no workers available to fill jobs in the country,
    • File to the Labour authorities (i.e. the Territorial Unit of DIRECCTE) an application package,
    • Inform the French Immigration Office (the OFII) of the entry in France of an immigrant and pay the OFII a fee.

Please note that nationals of most countries of the European Union have the right to work freely in France without a specific work permit. The only document required for their job is an identity card or passport to prove their nationality.

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