Authorizations for Foreign Employees in Denmark

EEA nationals are entitled to apply for work in Denmark and will not need a work permit. They must, however, register with the local authorities in the area where they reside, no later than six months after arrival and apply for an EEA residence certificate if their stay exceeds six months.

Non-EEA nationals are, as a basic rule, not allowed to enter Denmark without obtaining a residence permit and a work permit from the Royal Danish Embassy or Consular General in the relevant non-EEA country of residence.

Permission will automatically be granted to applicants possessing special skills and qualifications according to the so-called ‘job-card regime’ as defined by the Immigration Service, which maintains a ‘positive list’ of skills and qualifications deemed to be special and in demand on the Danish labour market. Individuals who have been offered a highly paid job (DKK 375,000 /EUR 50,000 per year in 2015) may be granted a permit under the Pay Limit Scheme.

For non-EEA nationals who are not covered by any of the above schemes, the possibility of obtaining a work and residence permit is very remote.

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