Authorizations for Foreign Employees in Argentina

There is no restriction regarding the employment of foreigners, provided they hold temporary or permanent residence permits.

Foreigners from Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela may request their temporary residences at the Argentine Consulate or at the Argentine Migrations Office, provided they evidence their nationality. This temporary residence will entitle such foreign individuals to work in Argentina for a two (2) year period. After the first two (2) year period, the employee will be able to request a permanent residence.

Argentine companies may request from the Argentine Migrations Office temporary residence permits for employees: i) whom they are planning to bring into Argentina; or ii) who are at that time residing in Argentina. This temporary residence permit may be requested directly by the employee. In case of applying for a temporary residence for the employee’s family members, the corresponding family ties must be proven.

An exemption from making social security contributions applies to employees transferred on a transitory basis into Argentina, provided they i) are residents of a country having a treaty on social security matters with Argentina; or ii) are professionals, investigators, scientists or technicians hired abroad to perform services in Argentina for a period that shall not exceed two (2) years.

Argentina has entered into agreements for reciprocity in social security matters with Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Italy, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Spain, the United States and Uruguay.

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