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UK: Vicarious liability for data breach by rogue employee

In the first group litigation of its kind, Morrisons Supermarkets was found to be vicariously liable for the actions of a rogue employee who, driven by a grudge against the supermarket chain, took payroll data relating to 100,000 employees and published it online. This was despite the fact that Morrisons was found to be entirely innocent of any misuse, that the employee had acted deliberately to harm his employer, had been convicted and imprisoned for his actions and that disclosure of the data had been done at home, on a Sunday outside office hours.

UK: Employment tribunal fees: refund scheme annouced

The UK government has rolled out the employment tribunal fees refund scheme in full. This comes after Justice Minister, Dominic Raab committed to reimbursing all fees paid since they were introduced in July 2013, in the wake of the ruling of the Supreme Court (the UK’s highest court) in July this year that the fees being charged in employment tribunal claims were unlawful.

UK: Employment status – the gig economy

The EAT has confirmed that Uber drivers are workers and not self-employed contractors, thereby entitling them to certain employment rights such as holiday pay, national minimum wage and rest breaks. However, in another recent decision before a different court, the Central Arbitration Committee has decided that Deliveroo riders are not workers.