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Private Employment Agencies in Turkey

Along with the globalisation of economy and the technological developments, employers face the need of legitimate corporations to hire Temporary Employees rightly and accurately when required. On the other side, those corporations are also of vital importance for employees to be hired by employers rightly and accurately. Considering the Private Employment Agencies Convention N .181 […]

Employer Obligations under the Recently Ratified ILO Conventions No. 167 and No. 176 in Turkey

Introduction Turkey is a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO) since 1932 and has ratified 57 conventions so far. After the massive increase in construction and mining activities, both Safety and Health in Construction Convention No.167 and Safety and Health in Mines Convention No.176 have recently been included in ratified ILO Conventions. Fundamentally, ILO […]

Transfer of Employment Contract under New Turkish Code of Obligations

Introduction Transfer of an employment contract, which is the change of employers in the employment relationship, is a frequently used method in Turkey. It is especially common within holding and group companies, since it provides the permanent transfer of a qualified workforce between companies. Even though it is accepted by doctrine and the Court of […]

Amendments to Turkish Law Governing Subcontractors

Introduction Under Turkish law, subcontractors are regulated in Labour Code No.4857, which was enacted in 22.05.2003 and published in the Official Gazette in 10.06.2003, and Subcontractor Regulation, which was published in the Official Gazette in 27.09.2008. It is a notion which ensued as a result of the effects of technological developments in the division of […]