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Spain: When is a worker considered as a bogus independent contractor?

The Supreme Court recognizes the employment relationship of a worker registered in the special regime for self-employed workers, who provided the services for the company that had hired him for the execution of works for the installation and repair of lifts. The notes of dependence, alienation and voluntariness are met although he was not subject to a timetable, the holidays were not imposed by the company and he used his own means such as boots, gloves, helmet, vehicle and mobile phone.

Spain: Overtime hours should be recorded daily, even if the annual workday is not exceeded

The High Court of Justice of Valladolid (HCJ) declared worked overtime hours must be recorded daily whenever there are more worked hours than legally or conventionally established. If the collective bargain agreement does not foresee for working on Saturdays, then the work done on such days is considered as overtime, although, later, compensation breaks do not produce excesses in the annual working day.