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The Netherlands: Court imposes a non-competition restriction on a self-employed worker

Despite the fact that the self-employed worker and its former client had not agreed on a non-competition clause in the service agreement, the court ruled that the self-employed worker would not be allowed to be involved in a specific tender for his new client for a period of one year. The self-employed worker had been involved in the same tender for his former client.

The Netherlands: Cantonal Court dismisses manager for taking home products that were designated to be destroyed

Last October, the cantonal court terminated the employment contract of an employee of a vegetable production company who took home salads from work that were meant to be destroyed, for health and safety reasons. The cantonal court reasoned that the termination was justified, because the personnel manual was clear on the consequences of taking home products without permission. The court terminated the contract based on the legal dismissal ground “imputable acts of the employee”