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USA: H-1B Visa Executive Order

In the wake of the lowest number of H-1B visa petitions filed in five years (199,000), President Donald Trump has signed an Executive Order dubbed “Buy American, Hire American.” It is focused on reform of the H-1B non-immigration visa program, as well as the elimination of waivers and exceptions that are central to international trade deals.

Netherlands: Without a proper improvement plan, the request for dissolution of an employment contract based on poor performance fails

In the improvement plan, the employer must explain specifically and in a clear way – based on concrete examples – what the poor performance is based on, what the employer exactly expects from the employee in his/her job and in what way or by what means the employer expects the employee to be able to achieve the intended improvement.

Italy: Disciplinary procedure not promptly started: Reinstatement of the employee

Court ruling held that a dismissal shall be considered unlawful if the disciplinary procedure is not promptly started, with the letter of charge, in the light of the principle of the immediate reporting of any misconduct. In this case, the action of which the employee was accused should be considered unfounded and the employee has the right to be reinstated.